Research in the Rock Rheology Lab relies on funding and support from the following sources.


Royal Society, Research Grant: “Understanding the mechanics of large deformations in materials through in situ microscopy” PI: Lars Hansen; £15,000; 1/4/17–31/3/18.



NERC, Standard Grant: “Seismic signature of serpentinites in subduction zones: A rock physics approach”; PI: Nicolas Brantut (University College London); Co-I: Lars Hansen; Co-I: Thomas Mitchell (University College London); £65,895 (Oxford portion); 1/12/2016 to 31/12/2018.

nerc-logo-115NERC, New Invesitgator Standard Grant: “A new method for mapping stresses in mantle rocks: Dislocation density from electron-backscatter diffraction“. PI: Lars Hansen; Co-I: Angus Wilkinson (Department of Materials, University of Oxford); £483,386; 31/10/2014 to 30/10/2017.



John Fell Oxford University Press Research Fund: “Development of a high-temperature deformation apparatus for geological materials“. PI: Lars Hansen; £71,130; 2/10/2013 to 1/10/2014.